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Exceptional bed linen: satin or percale cotton?

Pour un linge de lit d'exception : les parures de lit en satin ou percale de coton ?

Synonymous with bed linen of incomparable quality, these two cotton weaves both have specificities that allow them to offer luxury and comfort, according to the tastes of each. Many of our sets are designed from these two exceptional weaves: we tell you everything about their particularities.

Cotton satin

The cotton satin has, as its name indicates, a satin aspect. Its incomparable softness is close to that of silk. Composed of 120 threads/cm², its dense and very tight weave is of a quality that allows it to go through time by ensuring the best of comfort but also ensures a very soft and silky touch. The small plus of this essential is that it does not wrinkle the hair and skin, and does not slip off the bed unlike silk. 

Cotton sateen is suitable for all seasons. It is ideal in winter thanks to its weaving which allows to preserve the heat of the body. Its heavier-than-usual weight contributes to the luxurious "hotel bed" experience.

Create your own cotton satin bedset

The cotton percale

It is the more matte finish of this weave that makes it different from satin. It is composed of 80 threads/cm2 and if its softness is slightly less, its tight weave makes it easier to maintain. Its comfort is just as exceptional as that of cotton satin. It also offers a lot of freshness. 

Its cotton fibers and weave guarantee a great durability over time. With each wash and use, the bed linen will become softer and less wrinkled.

 Our percale collections are OEKO-TEX® certified. These textiles are therefore free of toxic products for the body and the environment. This is the first label to guarantee the human-ecological qualities of textiles.

A multitude of combinations

To bring out the beauty of these fabrics, there is nothing better than to assemble them together or mix them with other materials. We have developed a wide range of materials: cotton satin, cotton percale but also cotton gauze or washed linen, and the mix & match is quite possible.

We also think of cushions and bedspreads to perfect the atmosphere of his bedroom. The meeting of a matte weave like washed linen and the shiny look of satin on the side will give an extra touch to your bedroom decoration. You can indulge yourself by playing with materials but also think about the colors!


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