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How to choose your curtain rod?

Comment choisir sa tringle à rideaux ?

The curtain rod is the essential accessory to install your curtains, linings and curtains. To choose the right size of curtain rod, the crucial step is the measurement: to your meters!

What length of curtain rod to choose?

For a wall or ceiling mounted curtain rod

For an optimal result, the curtain rod should be placed between 10 cm and 15 cm above the window. It can also be placed on the ceiling, if you have a box roller shutter above the window for example. 

On the wall or ceiling, the curtain rod is usually placed on two supports fixed at each end of the window, about ten centimeters from the window jamb to facilitate its opening. We will then let the curtain rod exceed 20 cm on each side of the supports. To choose the length of its curtain rod, we measure the width of the window, to which we add about 60 cm.

For a curtain rod fixed between two walls

It is also possible to attach a curtain rod between two walls or in a one-sided recess with the "birth" rod holders. The length of the curtain rod will then correspond to the spacing of the two walls.

If the curtain rod is fixed in a recess by a birth bracket at one end and a wall bracket at the other end, it is also recommended to fix the wall bracket a few cm from the window jamb, then to extend the curtain rod 20 cm beyond this same bracket.

Madura curtain rods

Madura curtain rods are available in 4 lengths: 150 cm, 180 cm, 200 cm, 250 cm. Good news, they are sawable and can be assembled endlessly with the help of connectors and brackets. It is therefore possible to adjust the size of the curtain rod to the width of the window and create long curtain rods. Impossible not to find the right size of curtain rod!


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Several special cases concerning the size of your curtain rod: 

- If the length of the curtain rod exceeds 200 cm, it is essential to add a third support, on the wall or ceiling, halfway between the end supports.

- If the length of the curtain rod exceeds 250 cm, it is possible to use an invisible connector to achieve the desired length. It is also necessary to add an additional support for each rod joint.

Example: If your curtain rod is going to be longer than 250 cm, you will need to use two rods, one fitting and three supports.

What type of curtain rod to choose?

Depending on the number and type of curtains you want to install, you can opt for two types of rod:

- Single rod: to install simple curtains or sheers, choose a curtain rod set that includes 1 rod, 2 brackets and 2 end caps that allow you to customize the curtain rod and hold them.

tringle simple

- Double rod: it is possible to dress your windows simultaneously curtains and curtains, thanks to the double supports. The set will then be composed of 2 curtain rods, 2 double supports and 4 end caps.

tringle double

To install a double curtain rod on the wall, opt for the double support. If you want to put two curtains on the ceiling, you can use two single curtain rods, fixed parallel to the ceiling.

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What diameter curtain rod to choose?

Madura curtain rods come in 2 diameters: 1.9 cm and 2.9 cm. You will have to choose the diameter of the support according to the diameter chosen for the curtain rod;

What type of support to choose?

The type of support to choose will depend on the location of your curtain rod, the number of curtain rods to install and the desired result. 

There are types of Madura support: 

- The support lorgnon: timeless and versatile, it is recommended for both wall and ceiling mounting.

support lorgnon

- The cradle support: sleek and practical, it is recommended for wall mounting. It holds the curtain rod with a clamping screw. Preferred if the window is too close to a wall, which does not allow the curtain rod to be inserted into a cradle bracket.

support berceau

- The double support: whether lorgnon or cradle, the double support allows you to put curtains and sheers on the wall simultaneously.

support double

- The birth support: used to fix a curtain rod between two walls or in a recess, it can be associated with a lorgnon or cradle support if it is a one-sided fixation.

support naissance


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Which support length to choose?

Madura brackets are available in three lengths: 4 cm, 8 cm and 12 cm. Depending on the desired effect and the place of installation, choose the appropriate length.

For a wall-mounted curtain rod

If you choose to attach brackets to the wall, the choice of their length will depend on the distance you want to obtain between the window and the curtain. 

In order not to impede the movement of curtains with eyelets with a deep fold, choose a support of 12 cm. To properly darken a room, consider a short support of 8 cm: being closer to the window, the curtain will let less light through. If there is a radiator below the window, as a precaution, turn to a support of 12 cm. 

Finally, the heavier your curtains will be, the more you should opt for short brackets to ensure a good fixation. 

For a curtain rod fixed to the ceiling

The 4 cm brackets are mainly used for ceiling mounting. However, if you want to install a curtain rod on the ceiling to hang curtains with eyelets, it is preferable to opt for 8 cm brackets to facilitate the opening of curtains. Indeed, the eyelets will exceed 3 to 4 cm above the curtain rod.

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