How to choose your sofa?

The sofa is a central element of a living room. It gives it charm, comfort, brings color ... it is also a piece of furniture that we particularly appreciate at home. We like to settle there at night, to read, watch TV or rest. But how do you choose the sofa you need? We help you see more clearly.

Several items are to be taken into account to choose the right sofa. The first, they are your tastes. A sofa has a strong impact on the interior decoration. It is a singular piece, that the eye notes instantly. So you have to choose a sofa that pleases you and who will fit perfectly with your environment. Choose a style that sticks to yours, and colors that are assorted to the tones of your room.

The second element to be taken into account is the practical aspect, including size. Are you looking for a Two-seater sofa? A sofa? The size will of course depend on the number of people at home, but also the size of your room. You will also need to think about the arrangement you want to organize. Do you prefer a three-seater sofa, or a two-seater couch associated with a solitary chair?

To help you in your choice, we suggest you make an appointment, online and free, with a specialist in interior decoration on Madura @ home. You will be able to ask him all your questions to better project and carry out your project.

Madura sofas: Style and quality

At Madura, we offer dozens of references for you to find the sofa that suits you. We have varied the colors, patterns, sizes and materials to offer unique pieces that match all environments. Each product has been manufactured with special care and is the carrier of more than 50 years of know-how.

Looking for a sofa with a vintage style? With a velvet appearance? You are in the right place. Designed on a steel frame, our cotton and polyester sofas provide you with a comfortable seat and an affirmed style.

We also offer many decorative accessories and furniture parts for your living room and your sofa space: bass tables, cushions rug, armchair... It's up to you to build the space in which you will feel so good!