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Cover sheets protect your mattress and decorate your bed. They are therefore useful, but also have an aesthetic function. It is important to choose them well, so that your bed is a place in which you have fun to slide. How to choose your cover cover?

First, the aesthetic appearance is paramount. A cover cover must agree with the rest of your bed linen: with your sheets and covers, of course, but also with your pillowcases and, if you have, with your bedspreads, head cover bed and cache-beds.

Then the quality of the sheet is paramount. A quality cover sheet resists time and does not damage the wash. For this, use a bed linen expert. At Madura, for 50 years, we are committed to creating quality pieces, easy to maintain and resistant.

Finally, consider checking the size of the product. Some covers sheets adapt to simple mattresses while others are made for doubles.

Discover the sheets cover Madura

Discover our selection of sheet covers for your room.

We have varied the colors, to offer you products that adapt to all environments. You will find sheets with clear colored covers, like white, green or beige, or darker colors, in gray for example. It's up to you to choose the one in which you will feel the best!

Each model exists in several sizes. You can equip all mattresses with our sheets and sheets covers. They are made of linen or cotton.

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And to match your cover sheets to the rest of your bedding, do not hesitate to take a look at our other products. We propose sheets, from pillow covers, from Sommiers Cache, from Bedhead Covers. And why not go further by matching your sheet covers curtains from your room? Has a rug to have in front of your bed?