Nomadic herbarium

Herbier Nomade
Push edito - vide - 249 - Madura

Nomade Herbarium

Travel alongside us in a natural universe where spring air blows. This new folk and intimate atmosphere takes us to the middle of the countryside, like a walk through the fields. The combination of plant patterns with neutral, subtly embroidered hues and fresh-toned unities for a fancy country style is being put on.
Push edito - vide - 248 - Madura

A fresh and springy atmosphere

Push edito - vide - 248 - Madura
For this new season, our Filico curtain is in new natural hues. His flax and viscose canvas, finely embroidered with foliage, gives him an elegance out of the ordinary. We love its natural tones and its fall impeccable to instill in our interiors a pre-summer taste...