Madura X GCG Architects

Madura x GCG Architectes
Push edito - vide - 285 - Madura

Madura x GCG Architects

The Madura textile know-how is again marrying the colorful universe of GCG architects to give birth to a capsule collection where the marine world is fantasized. Dive into the deep ocean: the aquatic fauna and flora are completely revisited as a serenity. In the image of the water, the graphics are deliberately irregular and let our imagination run free.
Push edito - vide - 284 - Madura

Bold graphic marriages

Push edito - vide - 284 - Madura
The textures are intertwined, according to the noble and warm materials: cordial, cotton, linen ... Passwords, fringes or matelassage " star of the sea reveal fantastic patterns: tails of floral lobsters, harmless sharks and rhythmic scratches are drawn on the surface of the fabric. The tones are more contrasted between intense blue and bright yellow, reinforced by a subtle game of brilliance and material.

Immersed in ocean depths with the capsule collection thought by GCG architects.The marine universe is fantasized and colorful, theAquatic fauna and flora are completely revisited to give free rein to our imagination.