Poufs & repose-pieds



WHY OPTER FOR A Pouf or footrest

Take the time to imagine a TV corner or ideal reading. A sofa, an armchair, a coffee table. Well trimmed cushions and comfortable. Why not a fire fire? We will settle with pleasure in such a decor. So why not add a Pouf or footrest ? 

These accessories are created to bring you maximum comfort and allow you to push yourself in your sofa, while offering a point of support to your legs. Bonus: multi-tasks, they can also act as an armchair and allow you to sit. If necessary, they can therefore be used as an additional seat.

Discover the Poufs and footrest Madura

At Madura, we are committed to proposing you Sofa poufs and footrests quality. Thanks to the diversity of colors and materials used, we offer various references, which adapt to all the indoor styles. It's up to you to choose the model that suits you! We propose for example velvet poufs, or with curls.

We offer, for example, full foot, wide and comfortable poufs, or models with feet, which look like small stools. Some poufs Also act as storage and can open for you to store your business.

Easy to maintain and resistant, these poufs and sofa tips will become indispensable accessories of your comfort.

Poufs, to decorate your furniture

Our poufs associate perfectly with our sofa, our armchair, our bass tables, our rug And all our other furniture items. Use an expert Madura on Madura @ home To help you create the atmosphere of your dreams, making an appointment for free online. He will answer all your questions and guide you in your choices if you hesitate on certain points.