Darkening curtains


Darkening curtains Madura: to be well at home

For 50 years, Madura strives to make you feel at best at home thanks to neat and quality interior decoration pieces. Our darkening curtains do not escape the rule: they adapt to all environments and styles and will highlight your decoration, regardless of the room in which you are installing them.

Offer a darkened atmosphere to your interior! Our darkening curtains will allow you to reduce the brightness of a room at will, night and day. Ideal for the room or rooms to live, they will go to delight everywhere in your home.

Discover all our models of darkening curtains

Madura offers a wide selection of darkening curtains. Many colors are available, classic or more original. You will find white darkening curtains, beige, black, blue, but also an unbleached, moles or yellow and much more. Our curtains can be united in color, or offer original patterns, to fit the style of your interior.

By offering several sizes to all our models, 140x180 to 220x350, we have made sure that they can adapt to all your openings, windows like windows.

And to go with your curtains, do not hesitate to take a look at all our accessories: rods, Rings and fasteners or embraces and rod mounts You will create the design of your dreams for your home.

Use professionals to choose your curtains

You can not make your choice or do not find a model that corresponds to you? Madura is here for you! We propose to make an appointment by videoconference with an interior decoration expert. It will help you choose the perfect occult curtains for your project and answer all your questions. And it's completely free! Make an appointment on Madura @ home.