Our pillowcases, for relaxing nights

What better feeling than skewing in bed, in the evening, after a grueling day and put on a comfortable pillow?

At Madura, we are aware of the importance of a good pillow, for your comfort and for your sleep. And that's why, for your pillows, we want the best by offering this range of pillowcases and pillow covers.

In cotton, satin cotton or linen, they will bring sweetness to your nights and your dreams. Available in several sizes, they will adapt everywhere. We offer square pillowcases, but also rectangular, depending on the model of your cushions.

Create a room that suits you

The pillows are an undeniable comfort asset, of course. But it is also an element of unavoidable decoration. To be sure that our pillow covers adapt perfectly to your decoration, we offer a wide choice of models, with varied colors.

You will find united pillowcases, in white, black, brown or blue, but also in more original colors, such as mole, yellow or ecru. We also offer pattern pillowcases, which will bring a touch design and original to your bed.

If you still hesitate, a professional interior decoration can help you and answer your questions, for free and online. Make an appointment on Madura @ home.

Discover our range of bed linen

And to complete your bed, we propose, in addition to these pillowcases and their covers, many accessories for bed linen. Discover our matching models to transform your bed.

At Madura, we offer, for example, bed ornaments, Duvet covers, from sheets, from Summary covers or even headboard. What to create a comfortable little cocoon in your room.