How to choose your carpet?

The carpet is a very important element of decoration, able to bring a real identity to a room, and this little more comfort that will make it so cozy. But how do you choose your carpet for its interior? Three elements must be taken into account.

The first is your taste. All carpets are different, and at Madura we offer a selection of many models so that you can find one that matches your desires. Choose a carpet that pleases you are amethetically and integrates with your interior decoration.

The second thing to take into account when choosing its carpet is comfort. There are fine rugs, which have mainly a decorative utility, or who are used to protect the ground (placed under a piece of furniture for example, like a couch or a low table) There are others, thicker, which are cozy, and provide a pleasant feel when walking on it. What is your goal with this carpet? It's up to you to choose his material, his thickness, depending on what you want to do with it.

Finally, the third element to consider it is the size and shape of the carpet. This item depends of course the size so you have in the room. You will have to choose a room that will integrate into your space, and come to complete it naturally.

Discover Madura carpets

At Madura, we offer a wide range of carpets for all desires.

Discover our different models, united colors or varied patterns, which will bring a touch of originality to your room. Each product exists in different sizes: you will be able to choose the model that will stay without worry in your room.

We offer fine rugs, but also thick and bushy carpets, for the delight of your feet. For you to find the one that suits you, we also offer a wide variety of shapes: round carpets, square, rectangular or asymmetrical. Finally, we offer carpets for the interior as for the outside. It's up to you to choose yours!