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How to choose His headboard

A headboard serves as a decorative skin at your headboard. But how to choose it, to be sure to find one that makes you feel good at home and in your bed? The headboard cHeois will have to match the size of your bed. If the bed is large or small, single or double, it will be necessary to buy ae headboard longer or shorter.

If you have different sizes pillows, choose covers that blend well with all pillow sizes. Similarly, take into account the color of your sheets and, more generally, the decoration of the entire room: the bed typites in general in the middle, and must agree to the whole to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

The material that composes the head cover may vary: linen, cotton, polyester ... by uniformity, we recommend that you choose that are from the same material as the rest of your bed linen there too. The set created will only be more harmonious.

Headboards Madura: a choice that corresponds to you

At Madura, we are committed to offering you a wide range of products that will allow you to create the interior decoration that suits you. For the one we have designed a wide range of headboards with varied colors, styles and sizes, so that you find the one that will fit perfectly into your room.

In beige, yellow, green, White Where blueNo doubt you will find the color that will suit you. And if necessary, we offer complete sets of bed linen that include sheets, from pillowcases, from Duvet covers And all the necessary to harmonize your bed. Do not hesitate to have a look !