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How to choose your throw?

Comment bien choisir son plaid ?

Whether it is functional or purely decorative, a plaid has the ability to immediately warm up an atmosphere. To liven up a sofa, cover a bed or transform an armchair, think of throws and bedspreads! To choose the right model, we think about the use we will make of it, but also about the atmosphere we want to create.

The throw and the bedroom

In the bedroom, a colorful or patterned throw is enough to energize the entire room. You can put it at the end of your bed to bring a touch of color, or cover the entire bed to illuminate the entire space.

For a warmer atmosphere, consider furry throws or velvet, ideal for winter evenings.
To obtain a more bohemian atmosphere, we fall for a throw in natural material: cotton or linen in neutral shades will bring the desired authenticity. 

Unable to choose? Change your throw as well as the season: for the winter season, opt for faux fur and wool, in summer, opt for breathable materials such as cotton or linen.

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A throw for the living room

For a living room, the throw can be diverted and used in different ways.
It can be used to cover a sofa. In this case, go for a large throw, in a resistant material with rather dark tones. Wool is not necessarily recommended in this case, because of the rubbing, while white or cream color could be too dirty. 

If it is purely decorative, why not go for color or an extravagant pattern? This is a great way to add a touch of personality to a sofa without risking a faux pas. 

If you're going to curl up in your throw, go for a comforting material like faux fur or wool. they will be your best allies for reading in the warmth or resting.

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