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Madura was forged through travel. Our collections are the fruit of discovery and elsewhere.

50 years later...

Indian motifs, flowers, Paisley and never-before-edited naive tribal motifs spring from our archives to compose our latest collection.

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Our story


Our founders Michel and Agnès Bourgeois set foot in India. At the turn of a market, they marvel at the stalls of flowers, spices... and fabrics.The light, the sounds, the smells shape memories that they bring back with them to France.


Back in Paris, their passion for beautiful materials, attention to detail and love of a job well done inspired bold curtain collections of boundless creativity and impeccable quality.


Since then, Madura has cultivated the art and substance of imagining strong pieces that bring all your decorating projects to life. Seats, rugs and decorative objects join our collections of iconic curtains.


It's this same spirit of discovery that leads us to link our universe with that of artists to design our capsule collections: diving into the ocean depths with GCG, a journey into Greek antiquity with Filippa Edghill.

Let yourself be carried away by our 50 years of Madura travel playlist!

Immersion in the brand's early inspirations between Hippie counterculture and authentic Indian sounds.


Our best years are ahead of us, the rest of the story is yet to be written...