How to choose your table

The table eST A very important decorative accessory. This element of furniture adorns the center of the room where it is installed. It must therefore be in line with the rest of the decoration.

Choose a tableis taking into account several criteria. Its size, style and quality are the top three.

Regarding the size, it will obviously depend on the space you have available. For the Side tables, the size will depend on the utility you want to have. Will she serve decorative element, bedside table? Do you plan to put things on it? If so, what? Put yourself all these questions before choosing your table.

The style includes both the materials used, the color and shape of your table. Make sure it agrees with the rest of your room to create a harmonious atmosphere. For example, wooden tables integrate very well into a bohemian aesthetic.

Finally, the quality of the table is paramount: you need a solid table, which will not deform with time and will not become wobbly, for your comfort

Madura: low tables, extra tables and bedside tables

At Madura, we offer a very wide choice of furniture. Among them, discover our selection tables, classified in three broad categories :, our bass tables, to install in your sofa corner, or our Side tables, which integrates perfectly everywhere in the house and can also act as a bedside table.