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Astuce de pose

How to install a pencil pleat curtain?

Comment poser un rideau à ruban fronceur ?

Installing a pencil pleat curtain on a rail rod

Before putting your pencil pleat curtain on a rail rod, just add the curtain hooks delivered with each curtain:

- Frone the curtain so that it is to the dimension of half of the rod (for 2 curtains) or the rod (for 1 curtain)

- Pull on the 3 threads at the same time to frounce the curtain head

tirer fils

- Block the frinces by a knot without cutting the cords

faire un noeud

- Spread the frinces evenly

- Place the plastic curtain hooks every 10 cm in the dedicated locations on the ruffle


- On rail: lay the hooks every 10cm.

- The curtain is ready to be suspended. Simply clip-on the curtain hooks on the rail rollers

galon fronceur

Installing a curtain tape on a rod bar

It is possible to install pencil pleat curtains on a rod bar, thanks to fixing rings. The addition of rings is done in a flash!

To hang 2 panels

Curl each panel so that its width corresponds to half the rod.

To hang 1 panel

Crease it so that it is the same size as the rod.

- Pull on the 3 gathering threads at the same time to gather the curtain head.
- Secure the gathers with a knot without cutting the cords.
- Distribute the gathers.
- Place the plastic hooks every 10 cm in the places provided on the gathers.
- Now you just have to slide the integrated ring ties into the hooks and slide the rings onto your rod.

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