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Which color of curtain for each room?

Quelle couleur de rideaux par pièce ?
The choice of color is essential in interior design. If it can radically change the atmosphere of a place, it also has the power to influence our mood. The curtains are the masterpiece of an interior, they dress the openings and transform the atmosphere in a snap. We play the colors and shades of its curtains to create moods in his image in each room of the house. 

Discover our inspirations, room by room, and compose an interior that resembles you with colored curtains.

Curtains for the kitchen


Discover our red, orange and yellow curtains

Choose curtains in warm colors such as shades of red, orange and bright yellow that will bring energy back to your kitchen. These colors are ideal for brightening up this family living space. 

For materials, we recommend easy-to-wash fabrics like cotton or blends of natural or synthetic materials.

Curtains for the living room


Discover our white, beige and neutral tones curtains

The key to choosing the color of a living room: match its curtains to its furniture!
For lovers of sobriety: white, beige, ecru, these timeless and bright curtains are waiting for you.

For a more colorful interior without risking too much, think of natural shades. They will enhance the atmosphere of your space to your living room that will be warmer.
Also consider giving a touch of acidity to your interior by adopting curtains in bright colors: blue, yellow, green ... there is no limit to your creativity.

Curtains for the bedroom


Discover our green, blue and pink curtains

Adopt light shades or favor pastel colors such as water green or pink that invite escape and rest, to maintain an atmosphere of relaxation and calm.

Curtains for the bathroom


Discover all our sheer curtains

To preserve your privacy, without losing light, choose light and neutral curtains. White and beige will brighten up your bathroom and allow you to spend a pleasant moment taking care of yourself.

Curtains for small rooms

rideaux avec rayures

Discover our white, beige and neutral tones curtains

For small rooms, banish dark colors that will confine and obscure the space. Choose from pastels or natural colors to bring out the light and expand the space. Vertical stripes can also enhance the ceiling height.

Curtains for wide rooms

rideaux grande hauteur

For large spaces, dress the room with strong colors such as blue, red, orange or intense greens to break the naked look. Choose thick curtains with heavy fall and pick among our curtains for large openings.

See our other tips & tricks including our guide to curtain sizes.
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