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Astuce de pose

Which curtain head to choose?

Quelle tête de rideau choisir ?

Curtains are undeniably one of the masterpieces of an interior. They put on a certain practical aspect: protect from looks, sift or even hide the light, but obviously have a decorative role to play.

Depending on whether we open them daily or not, depending on the rod system that we have or simply the tastes of each, it is advisable to choose the right curtain head. Let's go around the heads of curtains that we offer.


This ready-to-install hook system is the most practical and easy to install, as it does not require any additional accessory. The curtain head is set with large rings that slide easily on the rod. Aesthetic side, this curtain head allows you to ensure regular ripple and a drop with wide folds. Especially suited when you want to open and close your curtains daily.


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Pencil pleat curtains

This finish, typical of hotels, is modular and allows you to create more or less tight folds. The frowning braid (also called the front ribbon) sewn at the top of the curtain makes it possible to fix the hooks to the desired location for a hung on rail or rings for a hung on bar. It is perfectly suited to an opening and daily closure of the curtains.

The pencil pleat curtain head partially masks the rod. For a rail installation, the hooks are supplied with each Madura curtain. For a pose on bar, you can complete your purchase with rings of a color coordinated with your rod (silver, gold, brown).


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Back tab curtains

The curtain slides on the rod thanks to the slide: a large hem positioned at the top of the curtain, in which the rod is inserted. The curtain therefore partially hides the rod. Less easy to open or close daily, we prefer this finish for decorative curtains.

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The panels are a single section of fabric to which we pinch rings. Practical to adjust the height of your curtain without hem: just make a return of fabric at the top of the section. It is a particularly decorative hook system, which makes it possible to enhance the finishes of the curtain: contrasting border, fringes... They also allow the curtain to be taken down without undoing the rod, to change its curtains easily in a single gesture.


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