How to choose your table tablecloth?

Ideal for dressing a daily table, protect it and decorate it, tablecloths are essential decorative accessories in most houses. They protect the table top, while adding a colored touch to this furniture. But how to choose your tablecloth?

The first aspect to be taken into account is the aesthetic aspect. A good tablecloth is a tablecloth that you like. When choosing a table table, plan and imagine it on your table. Does it integrate with your decoration? Is it matched to your cutlery, your dishes, the rest of your table cloth? Do you like her ? At Madura, we offer a wide choice of models and colors, to make sure you find the one that will mostly match your tastes and desires.

The second element that must be taken into account for a tablecloth, it is the practical aspect and in particular that of the size. Remember to measure the size of the plate of the table you want to cover, and order a slightly larger web, which will cover it in its entirety.

Tablecloths Madura: a choice of quality

At Madura, we offer a wide choice of different tablecloths so you can choose a model that perfectly matches you.

You will find, on our site but also in our stores, with the united colors, sober and elegant colors that will bring color to your kitchen, your living room or your dining room. You can use them every day, or go out for special occasions.

Easy to wash and install, resistant, these linen or cotton tablecloths will perfectly protect your furniture from tasks and scratches.

In addition, we offer square or rectangular plate models, so that these products adapt to the shape of your tables. Each model exists in different sizes: choose the one you need!