Choose your rod holder

To equip your windows and openings, at Madura, we propose a wide selection of curtains and D'Accessories for these curtains. In addition to Tins for rod and curtain barsWe also offer rod supports.

To choose the curtain support that suits you best, you have to take into account two things: your tastes and your need. The color, the material, the shape ... All this will depend entirely on what you like and the way you decorate your interior. On the other hand, there are several forms of support: in ring, in the lorgnon, in single or double cradle. This choice will depend on the type of bar you have chosen and the place you have. You hesitate on the model you need?

Do not panic ! An expert Madura is at your disposal online and for free to help you in this choice. Specialist in interior decoration, he will skip you in your choice. To contact him, go to Madura @ home.

Rod Supports: a large quality choice at Madura

To suit all needs and all desires, at Madura, we have chosen to offer a wide range of curtain rod mounts. You will find many forms, to adapt to all rods and support all types of curtains and shells.

To create a unit in your decoration, our media also fit perfectly with our curtain tips and curtain rods.

And since 50 years now, our rod supports, like our other products, are of an irreproachable quality. Their goal: to help you make you feel at home.