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Why add a lining to your curtains?

Pourquoi ajouter une doublure à vos rideaux ?

Adding a lining to your curtains is not compulsory, but since they have many advantages, we can only advise them to you. We explain to you why and how to line your curtains.

A lining to hide

You've crushed on a rather thin and light curtain, which allows you to sift the light, but you want to make darkness in your room? Nothing too complicated: opt for a lining! Placed behind your curtain thanks to a double support, it is the perfect alliance to turn a curtain into a blackout curtain.

They are particularly indicated for the windows of your rooms, to extend the nights and preserve the sleep of the whole family.


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A lining to isolate

The lining also has the advantage of protecting you from coldness and heat. It will protect you from the cold in winter by barriering to draughts, while it will keep you away from the stifling heat in the summer by reflecting the sun's rays.

The liners also offer protection against noise pollution. They protect you from noise, thanks to their thickness and their insulating coating and transform your interior into a real haven of calm and peace.

A lining to protect your curtains

The lining has the advantage of protecting your curtains from external aggressions, and in particular UVs. Their fibers and their pigments, sometimes sensitive to light, are thus preserved. Your curtains gain longevity. The liners are highly recommended for curtains and sheer curtains in natural materials such as linen and hemp, because they are particularly fragile. The same goes for vivid colors curtains.

natural curtain

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A lining to enhance your curtains

The linings allow fine and light curtains to gain weight. They thus have a heavier fall, a more marked wavy effect. They are particularly suitable for patterned curtains: cut off from light and therefore of all transparency, prints and details of your curtains stand out better.

The lining can be coordinated in tone on tone with the curtain to be discreet, or can on the contrary be chosen while contrasting to create a rupture effect.

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