Special Children's Deco: A New Look

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Special Children's Deco: A New Look

Kids cushions deco

It's the holidays! And if we take advantage of this moment to rethink the decoration of the room of our little tips? By inserting a little color for example!

Spring, it is the first hot rays of sun where, installed on the terrace, we listen to twitter the birds. With Easter, it is also the occasion of shared moments with family, time available to play with the smallest and to have endless discussions with the greatest. Unfortunately, it's also the time of the first big household of the year. The one where we realize that our cabinets are full to crack, and that it is high time to sort ...

Madura children's bed

We offer a compromise much more fun. And if we took the opportunity to give back a new look to our children's room? For the storage to become a hobby and our children are happy to return from holidays, we have concocted some ideas ...

Dreaming companions

YES cushions, but not anywhere. Cat-shaped, owl, fox or bird, it's like a comforting little gift slipped on your toddler's pillow on his holiday. Ideal for a room to stay harmonious, even when your children do not put their delicateses. (It is allowed to order the panoplie for his adult chamber too).

Invitation to nap

Because they often prefer to draw elongated on the floor than on their desk. Because every corner of your apartment has become a cabin under construction or to become. And especially because it's good sometimes not to do everything in the established rules. Let's invite them to happen with our sides in the living room on one of these big cushions, or do we offer a comfortable sitting to read a story.

Grass artists

"Every child is an artist, the problem is to stay an artist when growing," said Pablo Picasso. To turn a room with inspiration, have fancy decorative objects for a gay and colorful atmosphere. Years later, your child will always have this color of color and joy that you were struggling to decorate.

Tell us: What are your ideas for shining their mirettes?

Deco colorful cushions

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