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How to choose your bed linen?

Comment choisir son linge de lit ?

King of the bedroom, bed linen is the guarantor of a restful sleep. We want it soft, comfortable, enveloping ... But among the different Madura materials, difficult to make its choice. We take stock with you on washed linen, cotton gauze, cotton satin: today we help you see more clearly!

Washed flax

Linen is a plant material that is not new. Indeed, its fibers have always been recognized for their resistance and their solidity.This natural material is ideal for bed linen because it does not attack and does not irritate the skin. Indeed, washed, the linen gets rid of its rough appearance and has an incomparable sweetness.

Why choose washed linen?

Breathable and thermoregulatory, linen adapts to all seasons: it is as hot in winter as it is fresh in summer. Very resistant, the linen does not deform and therefore has a very long lifespan. Even better, he gains flexibility and softens a little more with each washing

For who ?

Sensitive skin, lovers of light and fluid linen, sleepers who wish to keep their sheets for years.

Little more: its crumpled effect, no need for ironing!

Washed linen Carlina 

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The cotton gauze

Contrary to what one might think, the cotton gauze is not a material but a specific weaving: cotton threads are spaced to create an incredibly vaporous appearance, almost transparency.

Why choose the cotton gauze?

This airy weaving gives flexibility and softness to the sheets. They are delicate and breathable. Capable of absorbing humidity without getting rid of, the gauze is ideal during hot summer nights. This weaving recalls children's swaddling and brings us back to sweet memories.

For who ?

Sleepers who wish to wrap gentleness, those who prefer to avoid the stifling heat sensations.

Little more: its natural embossed effect.

cotton gauze lou


Cotton satin

The washed cotton satin also comes from a specific weaving: an intertwining of threads which creates a brilliant effect on the place and subtly matte.

Why choose cotton satin?

This tight weaving of cotton threads provides sheets a particularly soft touch and a capacity to keep the heat during long winter nights. The silky appearance of cotton satin gives it a luxurious appearance while its a little heavier fall promises hotel comfort. Washing skates its initial shine to give it an outdated, more subtle appearance.

For who ?

Sleevers are looking for 3 -star comfort, those who tend to be cold at night, the most demanding.

Its little extra: does not crush hair or skin, does not slide from the bed

Anouk cotton satin

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