Which fabrics for winter?

Which fabrics for winter?

What are the fabrics keeping warm during winter?

Winter is here and its coolness too but do you know how to prepare your home for this season?

It is essential to choose materials that retain heat well to equip your home.

These materials are velvet, linen, curly wool or faux fur. By choosing curtains, plaids, rugs or bed linen made of these materials, you can be sure to stay warm and comfortable during the coldest winter days.

Protecting your home from the cold: why is it important?

Optimal comfort: protection against the coolness outside ensures a comfortable environment at home.

Save energy: by maintaining an ideal temperature, you reduce your energy consumption and therefore your costs.

Improve air quality: by preventing the entry of cold air and humidity, you improve indoor air quality and preserve your health

Which fabrics to choose?

Natural fabrics


Why is it so effective at keeping warm?

Velvet is soft and comfortable, its dense structure traps air and forms an insulating layer that prevents heat from escaping. Velvet also feels good to the touch and gives a room a comfortable, warm feeling.

Choosing velvet curtains for your windows allows you to optimize your energy consumption and maintain an ideal temperature inside without having to increase the heating.

It is the perfect compromise between beauty and warmth.

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How does it protect against the cold outside?

For years, the exceptional insulating properties of linen have been used in northern European countries. Its fine, hollow fibers capture air to form an effective heat-retaining barrier. In addition, it is water resistant and forms a natural barrier against external moisture.

As a curtain, bed linen or table linen, the extraordinary powers and natural elegance of linen accompany you in every room of your home.

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Curly wool

Why does it keep the heat?

Curly wool, in addition to being the cocooning trend of the winter, has natural insulating properties that make it suitable for keeping your home warm.

Like linen, wool fibers retain air, which reduces heat loss.

It keeps you warm while repelling moisture to the outside. As a throw, sofa or cushion, curly wool will be an ideal partner to warm up your decor.

Synthetic fabrics

Why does faux fur keep you warm inside? Faux fur is a synthetic material that imitates the insulating properties of real animal fur. Inspired by the Scandinavian decoration, it brings softness and mellowness to your interiors. Like a natural material, faux fur retains air and protects effectively from the cold.  Faux fur is not only trendy, but also easy to maintain, durable and affordable.

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