Choosing your boutis and comforters

Posed on a couch, a bed or a armchair, a boutis or a comforter allows to bring color and comfort to a room. But how to choose the right for you?

Several factors are to be taken into account. The first, and the most important thing, it is obviously the style. The color, the shape and patterns of your boutis or your edge are paramount. You can opt for a color that is matched to your duvet or on your sofa or chair, or other opposite contrasts and opposites. The shape is also essential: some pieces are thicker than others. The appearance of the material, finally, plays for a lot in the style of your boutis. You can opt for a faux fur, velvet, or smooth, for example.

Other items to consider when choosing a comforter or boutis: the size. Will it be placed on a single bed, a double bed, a sofa, an armchair or elsewhere? The quality is another: prefer products that come from professionals recognized for their quality.

You're planning to make your choice? Do not panic. Madura is here to help you. Thanks to our Madura @ Home service, a decoration professional answer all your questions to help you choose the product that suits you.

Discover the boutis, eddons and Madura Edge Covers

At Madura, we made the choice to offer you boutis, eddons and edge covers that adapt to all interiors and allow you to grant your decoration to your personality.

We offer various colors, united or pattern. Our boutis and eddons are designed in cotton, linen, polyester or viscose to make them the cozy possible, and have smooth or staked aspects. Thick, they also assure you maximum comfort. It's up to you to choose the one that suits you!