Nomadic spirit

Esprit nomade
Push edito - vide - 287 - Madura

Nomadic Spirit

Let yourself be transported to Africa! Head to the heart of the Sahara, for a journey between sand dunes and arid lands. At the rendezvous: escape, change of scenery and authenticity. Discover the soul of a Berber nomad through this collection.
Push edito - vide - 286 - Madura

Solar tones and ethnic motifs

Push edito - vide - 286 - Madura
The exotic landscapes are figuratively transcribed: warm and welcoming tones are combined with graphic motifs of ethnic influence. The Mahdi print is inspired in particular by the very popular Bogolan, a fabric from Mali. Natural materials such as cotton or linen, enhanced with fringed finishes and embroidery, make all the authenticity of this collection.