The art of receiving

L'art de recevoir
Push edito - L'art de recevoir - Plein - Madura

The Art of Receiving

The arrival of the beautiful days naturally echoes Sunday's Sunday lunches, family-run tablets or brunches with friends. The household linen occupies a special place at the table: it takes pleasure to receive, to bring together and thus to think a table on which the little ones like the big will play elbows.
Push edito - L'art de recevoir - Edito - Madura

Exception tables

Push edito - L'art de recevoir - Edito - Madura
Uni or on pattern, heading on flax! Around the table, we find NINO and its black feston, CARLINA its light flax and its end bumble. GREGORY and its tile motif are a place of choice: this great classic takes rural tunes thanks to the crumpled appearance of its 100 % flax fabric. The wide range of colours in the collection encourages the creation of tone tables on your own, in camaieu or in sharp contrast.
The arrival of beautiful days naturally echoes long Dominicaux lunches, family tables or brunches with friends.