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Madura blinds and curtains: give character to your interior

For 50 years, at Madura, we have designed blinds and drapes To dress all the openings in your interior. We offer our customers a wide variety of models, to allow them to find the room that will suit their taste and need perfectly. Make your place of life an expression of your personality, offer you quality products and provide particular detail care: this is the objective that we have set ourselves.

Discover our range of curtains

Discover, on our site or in our stores, our wide range of curtains. Sink, blackout, obscuring, carnated, at Galon Fat, or Curtains-Panneaux: We offer all kinds of models so that you find the one that suits you.

We have taken a particular care at the choice of colors: several dozen colors are available to be able to grant your curtains with the rest of your decoration. We have also varied the materials, in linen, cotton, polyester, acrylic or viscose, to give these curtains all kinds of aspects: velvet, cotton, satin, suede, taffeta ... You can also play on darkness, by finding Occulting, doubled, unlikely or double-occurring curtains.

Find our selection of blinds

In our selection of blinds, you will also find many models that will adapt to all interiors. These boat blinds make it possible to master the interior brightness, while protecting your privacy from external looks. A practical and elegant way to dress your windows.

And thanks to the many sizes available for our blinds, you will be able to find them that easily adapt to your openings.

Stores and curtain accessories

In addition to these blinds and curtains, we offer many accessories to equip them: rods, Hang, embraces, supports And many other accessories can be found in the dedicated category.