The placemats Allient the practical side ...

The placemats, These are these table accessories to which we do not necessarily think, but which are very practical. They protect your table top, your cured canvas or your layer Tasks, liquids and food. By their size, they are very easy to wash: a one-way one for the washing machine with the rest of your laundry and here are clean.

... to the aesthetic appearance

To this practical aspect, the placemats add an aesthetic side. They are indeed often colored and, placed on the tablecloth, next to the dishes, dishes and towels, they come to showcase all your table.

Whether they are fabric or in any other material, Table sets are a tremendous decorative accessory for cooking or dining room.

Discover our placemats and more

Looking for placemats original, design, or that adapt to your decoration? You are in the right place ! At Madura, we offer a wide selection of products to help you create atmosphere that match you and make you feel good. Our placemats obey this goal. And to be certain that you find the color that suits you, we offer our sets of many varied colors, cotton or linen. Choose your favorites, between the sets with a solid color and those with embroidered edges.

And to go even further, take a look at the rest of our table cloth: It will help you create unique and coherent atmospheres. Discover for example our fabric towels, our tablecloths or our tea towels