Memories of India

Souvenirs d'Inde
Push edito - vide - 290 - Madura

India, One Night of Summer 70

1970, our founders Michel and Agnès Bourgeois set down their suitcases in India. Fascinated by the markets after dark, they take the time to discover and fall in love with the multitude of colorful and printed fabrics they find there. It is this beautiful memory that inspired our studio to create this exclusive archive collection.
Push edito - vide - 289 - Madura

Floral patterns and deep colors

Push edito - vide - 289 - Madura
The floral and Paisley motifs discovered in our archives have been reworked in an enveloping midnight blue and intense little touches of hibiscus red. Light cottons and linens highlight the old-fashioned bohemian spirit of the collection.