Curtain rods: make the right choice

When we work its interior decoration, the issue of curtains is often crucial. They dress both walls and windows, and their presence has a real impact on the general atmosphere of the room. One of the indispensable curtain accessories are curtain rods. These bars, which support your curtains and sheers, must be chosen with care.

Would you like a rather discreet rod or on the contrary a stylized bar, design, which will give character to your windows? To help you answer these questions, Madura offers a wide selection of quality curtain rods and curtain bars. We also propose you to appeal, for free, to a specialist of the decoration who will advise you in your decorative choices with our offer Madura @ home.

Our selection of rods and curtain bars

In our selection of curtain rods, you will find many varied models.

First, you will find a variety of models with different functions. On the one hand, the classic rods: a curtain bar that is slid in supports. The curtains are held by rings, which makes it easy to pull the curtain. On the other hand, you will find rail curtain rods or Slider.

Then we propose a wide choice of sizes. All our models of rods are available in several sizes and will be able to equip all your windows and all your openings.

Finally, our curtain rods and bars are made from different materials and adopt varied styles. Steel or aluminum, you will find simple or design rods. It's up to you to choose the one that will perfectly suit your curtains!