How to choose your booster curtain?

Garlove sheers are combined with aesthetics to utility. They can hide the intimacy of exterior eyes, decorate windows and walls and adapt very easily to all spaces by being very simple to install. But how to choose the right car racks for your interior?

The main element to take into account, it is of course the style. The choice of color, the material, the shape of your sheers will have an impact on the aesthetics of all your room. It's up to you to choose a product that corresponds not only to your tastes, but also the rest of your decoration.

Other factors must also be considered, of course. The quality of the product, its price, the dimension of the airlines are all features that you need to take into account to choose your stools. Do not panic however: you are in the right place. Thanks to the wide choice of Madura Garlock, you are sure to find the room you need.

Discover the lackets with Madura

At Madura, we offer a variety of colors. Most are white, but you will also find other colors, such as yellow, blue, orange and much more. Some veils even have patterns, which bring a real aesthetic touch to your interior.

We also offer products with a variety of dimensions, which adapt to all windows.

Finally, you will find in this selection of linen clothes, cotton and polyester.

Our selection of accessories for your car racks

To support your car racks, we also offer a wide range of accessories. From rods and rod mounts will allow you for example to put your shells very easily.