Secure payment

We accept payments by credit card: blue card, visa card, mastercard card and American Express card.

We also accept payment by Paypal, Alipay, JCB, Sofort, ELV, SEPA, IDEAL and BCMC.

Postal check regulations, bank check, transfer or administrative mandate are not accepted.

Yes, the payment is 100% secure. Transactions carried out on are secured by the payment system of our partner Hipay.

The online store uses the Hipay e-commerce solution, recognized by the main players in the financial world. This has been developed so that you can make your payments in an ergonomic and friendly environment, with optimal safety and respect for privacy. All information exchanged to process payment are encrypted. These data can not be detected or intercepted or used by third parties.

For your safety, Hipay verifies that the connection with your browser is secure before sending your financial data. Hipay is a technical provider, and does not support command-linked challenges. These must be paid directly with or your bank.

Are my bank details kept?
No information of a banking nature is stored on our site. Your banking data is directly entered on the secure server of our Hipay technical and financial partner. The banking information you give, encrypted on your own computer, will never circulate in the Internet.

My payment is refused, why?
You have up to 3 payment attempts to set your order. If none of these attempts succeeds, your payment will be refused and you will be redirected on our site to a screen you mean the refusal of your payment. Your payment may have been refused for various reasons: an error in entering your bank details, the amount of the order may exceed that of your financial reserves, etc.

If your payment does not pass, verify that your card numbers or the expiry date are not incorrect. Check with your banking institution that it does not block the rules. For security reasons, customer service does not have access to your bank details but remains at your disposal to orient you.

I paid by CB and I did not receive a confirmation email?
Once your order has passed, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not see it in your inbox, it may have arrived in your "unwanted" mail or your "spam" folder of your email software, these are indeed more and more sensitive to Protect the privacy of their users by identifying emails that are not part of your contacts for example. We advise you to authorize the domain in your anti-spam tool and / or your email.

If the payment by credit card has worked and you have not received an order confirmation email quickly, contact our customer service immediately.

The banking verification takes a little longer (security procedures) so that the order is not immediately allowed and must be validated manually.