Sofas 3 seats


Three-seater madura sofas

To help you create a comfortable small space that looks like you, around your TV, in your living room or anywhere, we offer our selection of three-seater sofas. These large sofas are asking for space, but offer you unparalleled comfort.

You will find, in our selection, sofas with varied colors. This will help you choose the one that will fit perfectly into your interior decoration. Blue, khaki, white, velvet: all our sofas are carefully made. Easy to maintain, they resist time and are reinforced to ensure their strength.

Equip your three-seater sofas with our accessories

And to help you complete your living room around this 3-seater sofa, we offer a variety of accessories and furniture parts that will allow you to create the space of your dreams.

Discover, for example, our selection of low tables and extra tables, as well as our floor mats and chairs. Assorted, they will allow you to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for your living room.

To equip your sofas, we also offer a wide choice of cushions, of plaid and of boutis, which will give character to your piece of furniture, while reinforcing the pleasure you will feel you will install there.

Discover our other sofas

Three-seater sofas are very wide furniture parts. Remember to check that they lodge where you want to install it. If it was not the case, do not panic! Most of our models also exist in two seater version. You will be able to keep the choice you made, while choosing a more suitable 3-seater sofa model.