How to choose curtain curtain tips

When trying to decorate its interior, curtain rod tips are not necessarily the element we think. We often think of curtains themselves and how they will dress our walls and windows. We sometimes even think of curtain rods. But the reflection on the tips is generally only in a second step. And yet, these decorative accessories are indispensable and will give a real charm to your room. So how do you choose his curtain rod tips?

Two elements are to be taken into account. The first, they are your tastes. Would you like discrete tips, which are barely noticed and who will only have a utilitarian function? Or, on the contrary, do you prefer something more marked, which will come and customize your curtains? The second element to take into account is your need itself. For heavy and thick curtains, a tip capable of blocking the curtain is necessary. On the other hand, for simple veils, more discreet finishes can be envisaged. The place you have also will also play a decisive role in your choice.

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Madura offers a wide choice of tips for your curtain rods

To help you in your choice of curtain rod tip, Madura offers a wide selection of quality products. Dozens of references are available: blockers, or sliding, discrete or other more visible ...