Bedhead Covers


How to choose your bed head cover?

The bedhead covers are used to dress up the structure of your bed, while protecting it. It is therefore an accessory that is both aesthetic and practical, you have to choose carefully. But how to choose the right cover for the head of your bed?

The first thing to take into account is his appearance. The color, the material, the packing are elements to choose carefully. The bedhead cover you choose should indeed please you and agree not only with the decoration of your room (including the color of walls, curtains, soil and other furniture), but also with your laundry of bed. Obviously, for you to feel well in your room, you must also like you!

The second element that we want to consider, choosing its head cover, it is the practical aspect. How is it fixed at the headboard? What size do you need ? So choose the one that fits your need.

Finally, last element and not least is the quality. How to choose a bed head cover that does not damage itself with time and stays well attached? By trusting professionals whose job is, as is our case at Madura. For 50 years now, we make carefully and love objects for your interior decoration.

Discover Madura Bed Head Covers

At Madura, we propose nearly thirty references from bedhead covers. Various colors, each model is available in several sizes and thus adapts to all beds.

You will find in our selection of blue, yellow, white, gray, and still other bedhead covers. It's up to you to choose the ones that suit you! We also offer many materials, like light or thick flax, cotton and velvet.

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