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The jungle is at the heart of the decorative trends. Trees with lush foliage and exotic fauna have slid into our apartments to breathe a breeze of nature from elsewhere. At Madura, the jungle is named Kali. By plunging his gaze, we discover a hidden leopard between two hemp palms and we see a hidden temple behind a tangle of Lianas. But more than an exotic pattern, Kali comes in a series of colors and styles that make it unique. The green blue gives it a deliciously retro aspect, while the black and white evokes a pencil.


Accustomed to drawing out his inspirations in traveling, the Madura team immediately cracked for the jungle trend!

To give it life, we chose a rich pattern, unique colors but also delicate materials. Lin and cotton are at the heart of Kali range creations and adapt according to the use of each product.